Custom Bathrooms

Your Spa Like Oasis Awaits

Discover unparalleled bathroom luxury with Marcelville. As pioneers in the art of crafting custom bathroom cabinetry, we invite you to embark on a journey that blends innovation, expertise, and your unique taste. With a rich legacy of 62 years, we’ve honed our skills to transform mundane bathrooms into captivating retreats that reflect your individuality.

Custom Elegance

Our team is poised to be your partners in design, dedicated to translating your aspirations into tangible elegance. From contemporary chic to timeless opulence, we custom build every piece of Marcelville cabinetry to resonate with your style, material preferences, and design desires. At Marcelville, we believe your bathroom should be an extension of your personality, and our creations are tailored to make that vision a reality.
Materials take center stage in our craft. From ethereal woods to avant-garde metals, our extensive palette of high-quality materials ensures that every piece is a fusion of durability and aesthetics. Our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at construction; our in-house experts meticulously refine each piece with an array of finishes and colors to suit your space.
Reimagine your bathroom experience with Marcelville. Let us shape your aspirations into artistry that transforms your bathroom into a realm of comfort and sophistication. You deserve a custom spa-like experience each time you set foot in your bathroom and we’re here to bring that vision to life for you – a seamless fusion of functionality, elegance, and your distinctive taste. Contact us today and witness your bathroom transcend into an oasis of unparalleled magnificence.
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